<![CDATA[ - Blog ]]>Wed, 07 Feb 2018 14:41:09 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Kids Helping other Kids...Teach your child the art of Giving                                                Back early]]>Mon, 11 Dec 2017 21:58:47 GMThttp://beebravebuddies.com/blog/kids-helping-other-kidsteach-your-child-the-art-of-giving-back-early​ This holiday season, we have an exciting new craft project, "KIDS Giving Back to KIDS”.  We feel this is the perfect opportunity to help parents introduce their children to the art of Giving Back. We invite parents, teachers and scout groups to drop over to the Bee Brave Buddies Christmas card page on our website to download and print our whimsical holiday Christmas Card free, then have your child draw a special picture and message on the blank inside of the card to his or her new buddy or friend, fold and send back to us.
We encourage you to make this a family project. Put on a pot of hot chocolate, bake some yummy cookies and sit down with your children and their friends to explain about charity and the importance of caring and remembering other children in need this holiday season and of courses, always. We are their role models.  Research shows, children, whose parents take the time to teach their kids the sense of gratitude and generosity, early, set them up for a lifetime of giving back; they grow up to be responsible citizens and will continue to reach out to their special causes, forever.
Make sure your child signs his or her name and hometown on the cards. Your child’s drawing, message and especially, the time he or she spends making these cards will make a big difference and bring giggles and laughter to the lives of these brave little buddies, who will have to spend the holidays in the hospital this season. Their moms write me often, “All medicine does not come in a bottle.” These cards are the perfect way to help these kids decorate their hospital rooms to make them brighter and festive over the holidays.  We will insert your cards in more than 500 doll packages we are shipping this month, from your children to these children around the world, who are battling cancer and need a big hug. We would appreciate if you can return the cards as early as possible to Bee Brave Buddies, 1316 Biscaya Drive, Surfside, Florida 33154.
Make giving back a way of life for your family. Giving back makes us all Happy! The smiles and love we give are the smiles and love we get back! Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you all, we would love seeing videos and pictures of your first annual “Kids Giving to Kids” party! We hope you will share this idea with your friends and family, so they do too can share in the joy of reaching out to others this holiday season.

<![CDATA[Bake for Kids with Cancer this holiday season!]]>Fri, 20 Oct 2017 16:44:35 GMThttp://beebravebuddies.com/blog/bake-for-kids-with-cancer-this-holiday-seasonWe are getting more and more inquiries on how groups, offices and families can join Bee Brave Buddies to put these giant smiles you see in our pictures on our kiddies faces battling this monster, Childhood Cancer. We have come up with an easy yummy solution, one everyone in the group can participate, "Bake for Kids with Cancer". During the holiday months, the aroma of home made bake goods was one of the most memorable times at our house. Even if you don`t enjoy baking, there are so many delicious bakeries to purchase cupcakes, yummy breads, pies and cakes, so you can join in the fun also. So grab your family and friends in house of worship, brownies, cub scout groups, sororities, fraternities, school sports events and especially at your offices and join Bee Brave Buddies to organize a "Bake for Kids with Cancer" holiday sale and help us accomplish our goal of shipping between 500 to 1000 dolls this holiday season. We truly need your support in order to make this happen! You will feel the LOVE!

             Bee Happy Foundation Bake Sale, Long Island

Bee Brave Buddies will supply your group with a personalized holiday poster for advertising and display. We also have personalized cupcake wrappers and cake wrappers,  brochures, cookie bag toppers templates that will can supply.  We can supply pictures of children with their dollies to display on your sale tables. We will even part with our secret pumpkin bread recipe!

  Personalized poster we will send you with your date, time name of group on the bake shop awning....

Please drop us a note or call 305 807 1988, so we can help you host the most delicious Bake Sale in town this Holiday Season. These children battling Cancer simply want to be normal, to play, meet Santa and be with the family instead of hospitalized for the holidays! Your fundraising will allow us to reach many more families for the holidays and to make these little children feel a little braveR than they should ever have to be at this tender age when they hug one of our Bee Brave Buddies superhero dollies for Christmas or Hanukkah! Bake from the HEART and make the world a better place! Good things come to those who bake! 

Holiday personalized Christmas poster provided for your group... we will add your groups name on awning Bake shop, date, time and place of sale

                               Bee Brave Buddies thanks you from our HEARTS!
<![CDATA[   We are The July Grantee winner from Awesome Foundation Miami!]]>Wed, 27 Jul 2016 22:47:32 GMThttp://beebravebuddies.com/blog/-we-are-the-july-grantee-winner-from-awesome-foundation-miami

Bee Brave Buddies is  excited to announce that we are the official grantee for July from the Awesome Foundation Miami. The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time. Each Fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants of $1000 to people and groups working on "awesome" projects!  The funds come out of the pockets of the chapter's "trustees" and are given on a no-strings-attached basis to these groups. They have chapters around the world. How AWESOME!! So needless to say we are all extremely proud here at Bee Brave Buddies to receive this grant!  

This is super AWESOME because this grant will help us to purchase fabric, stuffing and other supplies for over 400 of our Bee Brave Buddies dolls to put into the arms of brave children living with cancer. Together, with The Awesome Foundation Miami, we will be putting big smiles on these kiddies faces, both here in the South Florida area (Miami/ Fort Lauderdale) and reaching out across the state of Florida! We are partnering with children's hospitals in major Florida cities.  If you have a child with cancer any where in the country, please nominate them for one of our dolls. We will ship the doll out with love as a gift from us!

We are honored to announce, The Awesome Foundation Miami is one of our founding sponsors for our new nonprofit, Bee Brave Buddies. WE hope to make them proud!

<![CDATA[We are very excited to announce we are now a nonprofit with our 501(c)3 Status from the IRS!]]>Wed, 08 Jun 2016 15:35:30 GMThttp://beebravebuddies.com/blog/sponsor-10-bald-cancer-dolls-monthly-hospitalsPicture
Bee Brave Buddies is very proud to announce we are now a  501(c)3. Now, we will be able to reach so many more children with cancer to place  one of our dolls in their arms. Bee Brave Buddies's goal for this year is to be able to gift our beautifully bald super hero dolls to children in all of the states across the USA! 

I need everyone"s help with this big goal! Not only do we need your financial support, but we also need many volunteers to help us across the USA! 

I am looking for Doll Ambassadors! Now where on earth can you add the title of "Doll Ambassador" to your resume? This is a very exclusive job, one that will not only make a big difference in the lives of others, but one that will make you feel very special in addition. 

Our Doll Ambassadors are a very important part of our team. They are like the Generals in the army. They will be helping us make big decisions as to which hospitals and clinics in their local areas to send our dolls to. I am looking for doll ambassadors in all corners of the country. If you have a little spare time and you care about the quality of the lives of these children and would like to try to spread some love to these kiddies, this is a perfect job for you.

My Doll Ambassadors will help me locate the hospitals in a local area, then contact the child life or social workers to make sure that this hospital is interested in receiving our dolls. She or he will also be present for the first doll presentation at that hospital, if they are in the area and can make it. All dolls will be shipped directly to the hospital, but we love to have one of the Bee Brave Buddies representatives available at this important event. We would also ask our doll ambassadors to help us with local press to highlight the generous support of the sponsors for their projects, if they have contacts. We are available at every part of this journey to help also!

I call on my doll ambassadors also to help me find local sponsors for the gifting of the dolls to that hospital on a monthly basis, thus our new program, Bee Brave Buddies of the Month Club. (Check out Buddies of the Month page)  A creative Doll Ambassador will put together a team of their friends or family to find sponsors for our monthly gifting of the dolls to her designated hospital. They can draw support from so many difference areas: local businesses, corporations, church groups, school groups or ladies clubs that would like to rally for our cause, garden clubs or sports teams in your area.  These are just a few examples of groups that  could help us touch the lives of these children in a very profound way. Our dolls give the children comfort, courage and confidence. These seriously ill children only want to be normal and play, Our dolls provide many hours of magic when the children are hugging and loving them.  Your job as a doll ambassador is going to be very rewarding and very important in helping to  make Bee Brave Buddies go forward. Drop me a contact message if you think you would like to apply for our Doll Ambassador positions. We welcome you to our team with open arms! And hope you will step up ! Giving back makes you feel HAPPY! 

Delivering Bee Brave Buddies Dolls to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer, University of Miami for the children with cancer
<![CDATA[Meet a few of our special Bee Brave Buddies Super heroes!]]>Fri, 04 Sep 2015 01:55:03 GMThttp://beebravebuddies.com/blog/super-hero-childhood-cancer-event-sylvester-comprehensive-cancer-center
PictureMiss Giselle and Miss Melanie, two of our special super Heroes
I am so excited to share with you our first big Bee Brave Buddy Super Hero event. For several weeks we have been very busy in our studio making beautiful silky super hero capes for all of the kiddies and their siblings in treatment at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Alex's Place which is their new outpatient hematology infusion center and clinic.  Sylvester CCC is part of the University of Miami Health Care Campus. 

The first week of August which was my birthday, I decided to throw myself a big birthday party to celebrate with all of the children that would be in treatment that day at the clinic and did we have a fabulous time! We took baskets of fun felt stickers for each child to personalize their super hero capes  and super hero crowns we had made for them. Check out these chic chic designs that each kiddie decorated and dressed up in for our "I am a Super Bee Brave Buddy Hero of the Day" fashion show. Some capes did not have room for one more sticker!... the kiddies all got one of our Bee Brave Buddies beautifully bald silky soft dolls, Buddy Brave And Bestie Brave to also take home.. and what is a birthday party without yummy cupcakes, treats and juice boxes!? 

 As a big bonus the hospital downloaded our special Bee Brave Buddy paper dolls we designed for our Bitty Bee Art Corner here (free downloads for all as a gift from us!)  The little girls especially loved adding bling, dressing them and playing make believe with Buddy Brave and Bestie Brave paper dolls. 

 Join our slideshow party here  to see a few special moments we had with these adorable little children. We also want to thank Microsoft Windows #upgradeyourworld as one of our sponsors for the very special event. Together we put big smiles on the faces of 20 children and siblings who needed a little fun  and our Bee Brave Buddy dolls to hold their hands, snuggle and hug while they were in treatment that day. I could not have had a better, more memorable birthday party!! Looking forward to many more special Bee Brave Buddies events. 

<![CDATA[April 15th, 2015]]>Wed, 15 Apr 2015 17:09:46 GMThttp://beebravebuddies.com/blog/bee-brave-buddies-bald-dolls-for-children-with-cancer
I am very excited to welcome you to our new Bee Brave Buddies blog
 The Buzz.
I look forward to building a community of friends here who are also interested in putting big smiles on the faces of children with childhood cancers and other childhood stresses. I look forward to all of your suggestions and truly need your help and support on the journey to make these children feel braver ( they already are very brave in my eyes) and 
to enjoy a new best friend by their side to take to treatments, to giggle with, to tell little secrets to and to cuddle and hug and love. 
Rumor has it that the super powers of Bee Brave Buddies dolls lies in their magic to immediately make a child smile!
You and I can make a difference together. Please join me to put a Bee Brave Buddies doll in the arms of every child with cancer around the world. 
One Doll at a Time!

Presently I am personally giving back  all dolls from my Babybonbons children's clothing business. Bee Brave Buddies is not a non profit at this time of this initial blog post, we sew and stuff with love all dolls in my Miami Beach licensed studio
To date, I have gifted around 50 dolls in the last 6 weeks since we started. To reach my goals of giving a doll to every child in treatment with childhood cancers I now would love your support.

 We now can ship all dolls in either white or brown shades of skin.
I am personally in remission for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and I want to share the love now and give back to these amazing children and their families.  Folks big and small would all love a new best friend BBB dollie!

In August 2014 I started drawing and designing the three Bee Brave Buddies, Buddy Brave, Bestie Brave and Catie Cuddles
I then had my original doll designs transferred and printed on a very silky satin fabric that children love to put up to their faces and snuggle. The dolls are printed on fabrics and sewn entirely in the USA.. I also use a soft lush minky fabric for the dolls pillow shaped backs so little hands can easily hold and hug these dolls. The dollies are designed beautifully bald and come with matching ball cap or big bow headbands.
  I hope to eventually give a Bee Brave Buddies doll to evey child with cancer around the world.  Share the love with us! Share our story with friends and family also.
 We truly thank you!

Please leave me messages here or send messages to my contact page You can also drop me emails and LIKE us on facebook and twitter page in links on front page. I look forward to hearing from all of you folks during the following months with pictures and suggestions.
Roanna Hope Bernstein